I thought I’d start this blog with a little bit about myself and reasons why I started this blog (and maybe couple of other things  along the way).

I graduated from a R1 university in 2015 with plans to pursue a career in industry. To my dismay it was only much later that I understood getting a job in industry is not only difficult but requires some strategic ground work. With the realization, I felt regrets and frustrations because I did not understand why these information is not readily available to more PhD students (while they are still in school). And why more people are not talking about ways to prepare students for industry (or non-academic jobs).

That is why I decided to start this blog.

I wanted to share some ideas I had while job hunting that could increase one’s chance of getting an industry job. I’m talking about things like looking for an industry internship while in graduate school, setting up career-matched emails from companies or knowing where to look for job postings. While these things are not the most brilliant or novel ideas, I find that most of my colleagues do not think about them ahead of time. This includes myself.

So I’m hoping that my posts are helpful to you in preparing your leap from academia to industry. Or if you are already in industry and would like to chime in, please do so. I’m sure people here are happy to hear how you did it.



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