Start Early (1 year rule)

Do you see yourself graduating or finishing your position within a year? You should actively job hunt now. One year is probably the minimum that you should allow yourself for looking seriously into your job prospects. 

I know one year seems like a plenty of time. I felt that way, too. I even heard this in person from a Science Liaison at Amgen but I still did not start a month before graduation. And now understand why students/postdocs have to start early: most PhDs are employed within 2 to 5 years within graduation (see this Science article). In other words, many graduates are not working for 2 to 5 years after graduation. How awful is this? We work hard. Really hard. And this is what awaits us?

This is why one needs to start early, at least one year before finishing. And I think the ground work (i.e., uploading C.V.s to companys’ talent pool, subscribing to career-preference-matched job emails, writing (mock) cover letters)* needs to come even before that. 

If you don’t believe me, I’d advise checking out other career-oriented blogs for scientists like this one: Next Scientist. And see what other people have to say about this. 

So, if any of what I said applies to you, start today. Then in a year, you might have something and you will be proud of yourself for having started early. 

* I’m going to do a post on each one. 



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