Regularly Check Out Job Postings by Setting Up Online Profiles

In my last post, I mentioned how I started my job search very late (a few months before graduation), when I knew better. Why did I not start early? Because I felt like I did not have enough head space for it. I was wrapping up experiments, training people , writing my thesis, revising my paper that was under review…the list kept growing. This was my fatal mistake. Adding a task like job searching that is time consuming and important to my to-do-list when I was down to the wire in terms of finishing my degree was bound to not get accomplished. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.

So what I want to talk about today is finding easy ways for you to keep up with general trend/availability of the kind of jobs that you want. I believe this is really important because you need to know what are some general job requirements for your ideal job and start building appropriate skills early on. For example, if many of your ideal positions are looking for people with bioinformatics skills, you should look for way to obtain that. This is doable only if you have enough time and have this information.  So I want to introduce some ways that you can get job info (or have them brought to you) easily and regularly so that you don’t have to spend extra energy thinking about this.

I find that the best (easiest/ least time -consuming) ways are signing up for career emails from companies, setting up job feeds from social media outlets, and uploading your resume online. Doing each one may take about 15 to 30 minutes. I’ll explain each in more detail.

  1. Sign up for company career emails: I’m literally talking about signing up on a company’s website. I did this for really big companies and companies that I personally wanted to work at. To name some, these are companies like Pfizer, Roche, Thermo Fisher,  Johnson & Johnson…etc. I usually get one email per week or two. If I’m busy, I ignore them but when I have a minute to kill, I check out jobs that catch my eyes. This is a good way for you to check out job postings without having to spent your limited time to search. So please sign up today.
  2. Set up career preference filters on social media platforms like LinkedIn: Do you have a LinkedIn account? If you don’t I encourage you to sign up even if you don’t plan on setting up your profile immediately. Linked In offers Jobs feature that is really useful. I find most feeds are spot on in terms of their matches to my preference or interest. And Linked In emails you (almost too frequently) when there are new job postings that you might want to know.
  3. Upload your resume on popular job listing websites: Another thing that I would suggest is putting your resume on websites like or that are not specific to science jobs. I recommend this because I’ve gotten many emails from recruiters in the past about a position that seemed interesting. And they reach out to you. So there really is no time investment on your part.


There are 3 simple things that can really help you keep up with your dream jobs, from which you can get ideas as to how to curate your skills to have a better shot at them.


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