Interviews with Industry Professionals

I think the most frustrating and puzzling aspect of job hunting is the absence of any feedback after I click that submit button. A month goes by. Two months is up. And now I think I’m not going to hear back. OK. No response probably means that something (or some aspect of) about my application is not fitting for the job, as deemed by the potential employer. But, really, the interpretation is left to my speculations with no way to really validate them.

So I set out do a project: I will conduct informational interviews with industry professionals, who are involved in hiring process, and get their input on what they are looking for and/or what they hate seeing on applications. In doing so, I will try to ask them for actionable suggestions, meaning one message they want to send to you. These are going to be on an actionable scale, meaning that these will be specific pointers, things like avoid using expressions like X and show more Y, using specific kind of language, Z.

I’ve asked a couple of people for an informational interview and I’ll post them on the basis of getting these interviews. I’m really excited for this and if you have a question, please send it in and I’ll make sure to include your questions during the interview! 🙂


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